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28.0400.10 - FL7 Flow Switch With Probe

28.0400.10 - FL7 Flow Switch With Probe

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Electro-mechanical device in which the fluid passage moves a magnetized piston that opens an electric circuit.
DN 10
Magnetic drive obtained by the plunging piston movement
Electrical insulation: class IP55
Magnetic probe casing made of antiflame material.

FL7 Flow Switch With Probe

Rated Pressure

350 Bar

5100 psi

Permissible Pressure

390 Bar

5650 psi

Rated Flow Rate (Inlet)

30 l/min

7.9 USGpm

Rated Flow Rate (Outlet)

60 l/min

15.8 USGPM

Rated Temperature

75° C

165° F


3/8" BSP F


3/8" BSP F

Max Voltage

230 V

Max Switch Capacity

60 VA

Max Current Strenght


Electric Cable

1250 mm – 49.2" - 2 x 0.5 mm

Electrical Insulation


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