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21.0000.00 Siphon Injector

21.0000.00 Siphon Injector

Prices From £21.25
Upto 60 l/min
Upto 250 Bar

Part No.21.0000.00

Inlet - 3/8 Bsp M

Outlet - 3/8 Bsp M

Hose Barb - 7mm


The Detergent Injector only functions when the oulet is at LOW pressure

This Siphon Injector Requires a nozzle orifice (supplied seperately) to operate


Siphon Injector used on the high pressure side of the pump. A siphon injector works by using the pressure of the water from a pressure washer to create suction and draw cleaning solution from a separate container into the water stream. The cleaning solution is then mixed with the water and discharged through the spray nozzle of the pressure washer.

Common Features

Rated Pressure

280 bar - 28 MPa - 4050 psi

Permissible Pressure

310 bar - 31 MPa - 4500 psi

Rated Flow Rate

30 l/min - 8 USGpm

Rated Temperature

90°C - 195 °F

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