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S50/1200 Relief / Safety Valve

S50/1200 Relief / Safety Valve

Prices From £2,181.25
Upto 60l/min
700 Bar and Above


S50/1200 Pressure relief valve regulates the bypass of the fluid with a minimum variation of pressure.

The valves supplied are NOT PRESSURE ADJUSTED. They become a SAFETY device when adjusted by the installer on the machine. See Technical Manual.


The pressure relief valve can be fitted either directly on to the pumpor into the discharge line using a T-piece.

Should the adjusted operating pressure be exceeded, the medium will be diverter through the outlet; the valve then functions as a pop of valve wherby the pressure in the system drops to min residual pressure. This residual pressure depends on the working pressure set and flow. The range of the residual pressure varies between 10 to 120 bar.

Common Features

Part No.

00.6801 S50/1200 Relief / Safety Valve

Inlet. 1/2 Bsp F

Bypass . 1/2 Bsp F

Rated Pressure -

00.6801- 1200 bar - 120 MPa - 17400psi

Permissible Pressure -

00.6801 - 1400bar - 140 MPa - 20300 psi

Rated Flow Rate - 5-50 l/min

Rated Temperature - 40 °C

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